General Dentistry

Whether you are looking for a general family dentist in the Waterford, Michigan area or require surgical procedures to address dental issues you may be experiencing, you can rely on the expertise of our dental team for your oral health.

Dr. Alkass provides routine dental exams and X-rays, and our hygienists will help to ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy. For dental procedures such as cavity fillings, tooth extractions, TMJ treatments, and root canals, Dr. Alkass places a priority on your comfort as well as an efficient process for your convenience.

Tooth Extractions

Although they are very common, tooth extractions are serious dental surgeries that require expert care, technique, and skill.

Dentists make every effort to preserve natural teeth, but tooth extractions are necessary when a tooth is fractured, abscessed, or greatly decayed. The dentist also may recommend an extraction if there is not enough natural tooth left to allow for optimal repair of the unhealthy tooth, as well as if a tooth has grown in a manner that is painful or irritates other teeth, such as in the case of wisdom teeth.

Patients who choose to take the next step can have extracted teeth replaced with dental implants, bridges, or dentures, and our same-day dental implant system surgeries are an effective, efficient option for patients who must have several teeth replaced.

Dental Cleaning & Consultation

Our Waterford practice offers general dentistry for patients of all ages. Through dental services including full cleanings, examinations, and consultations, we provide comprehensive solutions that can help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for life.

During routine examinations, we use modern digital X-rays to recognize and address any potential areas of concern. Because we track loyal patients’ dental health over time, we can also offer remedies and solutions that will minimize the possibility of oral health problems in the future.

Dental Fillings & Cavity Treatment

Despite excellent oral hygiene, adults and children may still experience tooth decay. Our cavity filling treatments eliminate decay to restore healthy teeth and stop related pain. Decayed areas of teeth are typically filled with a resin that resembles natural teeth, and the procedure can be completed in one visit.

TMJ Disorder Cavity Treatment

TMJ disorder has many potential ramifications for an individual’s overall health. Disorders of the temporomandibular joint may lead to headaches, muscle pain, popping in the jaw, a brief inability to move the jaw, and tooth damage. The tooth damage and other problems can be either causes or effects of TMJ disorder, which reinforces the need to see our dentist, as well as your primary physician, to diagnose and treat the condition.

Root Canals

Bad Breath Treatment

Root Canals

Many people cringe when they hear the words “root canal,” but this dental procedure may be vital to protect your teeth and gums from further damage.

A root canal clears inflammation and disease from the root of an affected tooth. In order to protect the tooth afterward, the process typically includes capping the tooth with a porcelain crown. After the root canal is completed and the crown is placed, patients find that the tooth is more beautiful than it ever was before.

Our skilled and gentle dental team will also make every effort to ensure that the root canal procedure is as simple and painless as possible.

Bad Breath Treatment

If you are looking for a dentist for bad breath treatment near Metro Detroit, Dr. Alkass can analyze your symptoms and provide suggested remedies. Bad breath may be caused by a wide array of issues, including problems with your gums, teeth, or general health. For that reason, it’s important to speak with our dentist during your appointment to pinpoint the causes.

Deep Cleaning

A deep dental cleaning clears bacteria out of the roots of your teeth below the gumline in order to treat gum disease. During this procedure, which involves dental scaling and root planing, the dentist or hygienist may use tools such as a water pressure tool and a dental laser to clear the bacteria. An anesthetic is typically required to help patients feel more comfortable during the procedure.

Emergency Care

Sedation Dentistry

Emergency Care

When you are in pain or have suffered a tooth injury, waiting for dental treatment is not an option. The Alkass Dental team is here for dental emergencies, so you can have peace of mind in knowing that you can rely on us when urgent care is imperative.

Sedation Dentistry

Modern advancements in sedation dentistry have enabled patients to remain calm, comfortable, and relaxed during dental procedures. Dental sedation is ideal for especially complex or lengthy surgical procedures or for patients who have dental anxiety. We offer several sedation options for our patients, so ask us which solution may be best for you.
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